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About Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics (AMS) was formed to address the needs of provider and managed behavioral healthcare organizations around accountability and quality improvement. We take advantage of the input, knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned of people who have been working in this field for many years.

Today, our services and system are designed and built on the most current information available about outcomes management, both scientifically and technologically. AMS operates KIDnet, an Internet-based software system for capturing and real-time reporting of data from clinicians, parents, and children, and provides infrastructure support for outcomes management. Each youth, along with his/her parent/legal guardian, participates in an initial assessment at admission to treatment. Updates are collected at set intervals for the duration of services, at discharge, and post-discharge. Data elements include demographics, presenting issues (risk, problems, social factors, trauma exposure), mental health history, symptoms, diagnosis, functioning (school, family, community), substance use, service utilization including medications, and cost.

Advanced Metrics is involved in several projects evaluating service systems to improve the quality of care for youth. As KIDnet becomes integral to the delivery of care in community and school settings, it provides “practice-based evidence”, a knowledge base of effectiveness trials under clinically representative conditions, needed for improving treatment effectiveness, identifying and adopting best practices.

AMS Staff

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals, each of whom brings a specific expertise and specialized knowledge base to the COMC mission.  A bit cliché but none the less accurate, the success of our efforts truly hinges on our ability to communicate and create a synergistic workflow between disciplines.  COMC is an exciting place to work, where each individual’s knowledge and skills are essential to all aspects of project development and implementation.  Our uniqueness stems from the work culture created by integrating technical professionals, with clinical professionals, in a research friendly environment.  We all have one fundamental goal in mind…contribute to the improvement of children’s behavioral health care by bringing science to service.

Steven Herr, Ph.D., CEO, AMS, has his Masters and Doctoral degrees in social work. Steven has 15 years of experience in behavioral health treatment and education.  Steven has worked as a clinician, administrator, and adjunct faculty member for various higher education institutions. Additionally, Mr. Herr has extensive experience consulting and training clinical professionals in various realms of evidence based therapies, behavioral health education, and outcomes related topics.

Nathan Lubold Nathan (Nate) is the Science to Service Training and Implementation Specialist for Advanced Metrics. Since he entered the field of behavioral health in 2004, Nate has gained a tremendous amount of experience as a clinician, administrator, and clinical supervisor. In recent years, Nate has focused his career on the science of implementation and training in behavioral health. After completing his master’s degree in 2004, Nate developed a full range of clinical experiences that have served him well in both developing and applying training/coaching curriculums to professionals working in behavioral health and other fields.

Nate is a certified Trained-Trainer for the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Scale. In addition, he is a certified trainer in Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Interventions, a trainer for Mental Health First Aid for both youth and adults, and has most recently begun training organizational leaders in Social Entrepreneurship skill development.

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