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Welcome to the Children's Outcomes Management Center

Our Mission
The Children’s Outcomes Management Center (COMC) is devoted to improving the quality of behavioral health treatment for children and adolescents through outcomes evaluation. Further, through integrating outcomes evaluation into clinical and administrative decision-making, COMC aims to enable programs to understand and apply an evidence based approach to goal attainment and quality improvement.

Services We Provide
COMC provides the following services to participating providers:
  • KIDnet, an outcomes monitoring system designed for participating providers to enter and store client problem and functional outcomes information in an Internet-based system.
  • An outcomes management tool, a stakeholder-driven system for measuring the functional outcomes of clients.
  • Training and technical assistance tailored to the implementation of outcomes management and the operation of KIDnet.
  • A quality management function to ensure the integrity of the data collected.
  • A data repository to store, sort, and transmit data to the responsible agencies.
  • Analysis and reporting capabilities for translating outcome data into relevant, actionable information to evaluate and improve the quality of services being provided.
COMC’s services and system are designed and built on the most current information available about outcomes management, both scientifically and technologically. COMC takes advantage of the input, knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned of people who have been working in this field for many years.

This system enables providers to track the level of services provided to each child or adolescent as well as the impact of those services in real-time. Importantly, COMC’s feedback of this outcome information to its participating providers is designed to make it relevant for clinical decision-making, program evaluation, and system redesign.

The system provides the ability to evaluate the relative value of different treatment modalities for clients and based upon these results; to better match their treatment needs with appropriate placement decisions. It allows participating providers to integrate performance evaluation into their daily operations rather than "after the fact" when there is less opportunity for improvement.
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